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The BASE COST PLUS PROGRAM is a highly regarded program which is available to business owners through One Source pos, Inc. in these noted categories. This program enables merchants to save on excel charges, as opposed to those which are typical with the standard 3-Tier Processing Program.

How the Program works:

There are 60+ different types of VISA and MasterCards used in the processing industry: Each charging a different processing fee, ranging from 0.9% to 2.90%.

The Base-Cost Plus Program has been designed to charge the exact Base Processing Rate with a fixed profit to the Credit Card Processor. The type of Credit Card and the manner in which its processed determines the Processing Rate.

For Example:

If a credit card base rate is 0.9%; under the 3-Tier Program, this card would be charged a typical Qualified Rate of 1.79% to the Merchant. However, under the Base-Cost Plus Program, you will be charges the allocated Base Rate of 0.9% on that particular Transaction.

The fixed profit will then be calculated to the total Processing Amount for the month. It's that simple.

In comparison:

  • The 3-Tier Credit Card Processing Rate Averages: 2.73%
  • The Base-Cost Plus Program Rate Averages: 2.34%

The Savings to the average Merchant on the Cost Plus Program would be approximately 0.39%.In addition, the Base-Cost Plus Program protects the Business Owner from paying excess profits to the Processor for the life of the contract.

Generally, Visa/MasterCard revises their rates every April. When this takes place , your rates will align to the same increase or decrease issued by Visa/MasterCard.

Note: There is a "Per Item Fee" (Transaction Fee) which is a applicable in all Transactions.

Exceptional Benefits to the Program are:

  • No Monthly Minimums
  • No Inactivity Fees
  • Free 24/7 Live Customer Support

You can count on us to ensure your costs are kept to a minimum and your Quality of Service is always to the highest standard.

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