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Internet Processing Services

Internet Merchants

With an "Internet" Merchant Account your clients and customers will process credit card transactions through your web-site or web based computer program.

We provide a wide array of e-commerce processing solutions suited for your specific needs. One Source can provide you with a payment gateway which will enable you to process transactions over the internet. You can process transactions through a 'Virtual Terminal' or, if you make sales through a website our gateway will integrate with your shopping cart.

One Source offers incredibly low rates to Web-based Processors.

A Cost Saving Fact:

Setting up your web site shopping cart to prompt for your clients' billing address and card verification code will help guard against fraudulent transactions and will keep you from paying excess processing fees.

If you are currently processing, you can still take advantage of our incredibly low rates. Contact us to find out how much you can save by switching your service to One Source pos, Inc. See our FREE Cost Comparison page.

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