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Standard Retail Processing Services

Retail Merchants

With a "Retail" Merchant Account, you are utilizing the most cost-effective way to process credit cards today. Consequently, with the advent of the "Debit" Card - your fees are reduced even more.

A Cost Saving Fact:

If your average processing ticket is in excess of $40.00, it is advisable to use a Debit Based PIN Pad in order to take advantage of lesser costs associated with the extra security.

If you are in need of new equipment, One Source supplies all Processing equipment, at our cost, to you.

We will then guarantee it against malfunction with immediate replacement for as long as you are processing through us. It is our thanks to you for your business.

If you are currently processing, we will simply re-program your existing equipment so that there is no break in service to you. See our FREE Cost Comparison page.

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